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 is a counselling centre in Farringdon, EC1R, and with offices in Upminster and Woolwich Arsenal offering talking therapies tailored just for you.


A Safe &


If you’re taking the step to reach out for support, we can assist you find the most appropriate therapist  for you. We are team of more than 10 years experience, in the psychotherapeutic and psychological field. We offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology  on a short-term and open-ended basis to individuals, couples and families.


Got a busy schedule?

We’re open seven days a week, with early appointments from 7am and latest sessions at 9pm.


On a tight budget?

We offer counselling at low cost if you’re on benefits or a modest income.

Not sure which therapy’s right for you?

Just call 020 701 62 792 and our friendly reception team will help find you the right match.


Our specialist counselling services include anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, Offending behaviour, sexual & relationship issues, bereavement, children and adolescents, couples, polyamorous relationships, LGBT  and . We also offer Personal Development Workshops.


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  • When I first call PTC, I had been in an abusive relationship for 6 years, and was very co-dependent. Living with a narcissisti, insecure partner had taken away my self-belief, independence, and courage to do what was best for me. With PTC therapist, I not only saw the truth inside myself, but I was able to see my real partner and not who i wanted my partner to be. I gradually did what I knew I had to do. Trust me when I say, it was a heart wrenching process and I had my PTC therapist who witnessed and supported me throughout. Through therapy sessions, I got back “myself,” and more importantly, the self-esteem to move forward in a direction that was healthy for me.

    Client 2

    Client 2
  • Psycho Therapia Centre provided CPDs that stimulated, energised and moved me. CPD Clinicians work with such integrity and commitment and their energetic openness invites a level of trust and self-exploration that allowed me to experience and witness profound moments of change, creativity, and inspiration.

    CPD Attendee

    CPD Attendee
  • The service I received was excellent and has helped me enormously. Most of the time I feel like a different person. Identifying the root causes of my current difficulties has helped me the most – understanding why I struggled.

    Client 1

    Client 1

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Fees are structured based on your personal circumstance. We operate on a sliding scale depending on requirements and location. Please do contact us to discuss.